The island

Elafonisos, is a tiny blue paradise island,
covered in beautiful bays and sandy beaches,
with only a few hundreds of permanent residents.

Simos’ beach, with breathtaking emerald waters
and white powdered sand,
is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean Sea.
The more you blend its fine sandy granules
the clearer appears the water in front of you,
like an emerald gem.

Over at Panagia’s islands, wonderful seashells
create an almost pink sandy beach
which leads to a full of surprises sea bottom.

The small island of Elafonisos covers 19 square km
and it is located only 570 m away from the nearest Peloponnesian cost.
East of the island and at a distance of 3.5 n.miles
you can reach the city of Neapoli
and, in the south, at another 4,5 n.miles, Kythira island.

During the ancient times, myth says,
that deer was the most tempting hunt on the island
and that’s how it got the name Elafonisos,
which in greek means ‘’Deer Island’’

Even though the last few years this small paradise 
has a growth in tourism development,
it hasn’t lost its charm.
People who cherish its uniqueness and beauty
try to keep its destination secret,
however, Elafonisos is already famous!!

Summer time the island is at its best
while everybody is getting ready for the touristic season.
Everything gets cleaned and refreshed
and down by the port tables are set aside,
ready to fill up with all sorts of seafood and delicious treats.

Hotels, mini markets, souvenir shops,
open their doors ready to offer their services to the visitors.

The endless beach of Simos
offers organized facilities
as well as enough private space
for those who eager for absolute relaxation.

Once on the island you can find a Health center,
a Pharmacy, a Police Station an ABM,
newspaper stands, rent a bike stores and a Gas station
to make your stay more comfortable.
The truth is that Elafonisos doesn’t need much…it is a gem itself!!!!